Saturday, February 24, 2007

Real Estate Today! Radio Show Commentary from 02-24-2007

The Real Estate Today Team has launched an initiative we call "Empowered Living," designed to identify, coach and create a minimum of 100 first-time home buyers in Colorado by the conclusion of 2007. In addition to assisting the buyer with the selection of the best valued home available, we will also provide access to a variety of down-payment assistance programs including grants and low interest loans with payments deferred for up to five years. I would like for anyone who is currently renting and wishes to achieve the dream of home ownership to contact me at or contact my office at 303-840-2319.

We have developed a valuable resource for fix and flip investors. Please contact us and request your free "Fix and Flip Investor Resource Guide."
We have a free resource to allow individuals to access all of the available listings in the Multi List System (MLS) using a private password protected website. To register, log on to
I admit that I am a fan of real estate reality television and I think the programs on both A&E and TLC serve to show what is possible and the potential pit falls when flipping real estate. I had the honor of welcoming David Montelongo of Montelongo House Buyers and the hit reality television show “Flip this House” as a guest on our radio broadcast the Real Estate Today Show. I think that the Montelongos represent what is possible in a very entertaining way; they have a wonderful family story. Needless to say, David’s appearance on our program was greatly anticipated.

David shared ten tips for becoming a successful real estate investor and provided me with permission to post these on my blog.

Here are David’s Tips:

1. Forge strong relationships with foreclosure agents so that when a new listing comes up you’re the first to hear about it.

2. Create a power network of fellow investors, a TRIBE, if a deal doesn't work for you, it may work for someone else in your network.

3. Try not to see other investors as competition, but as allies. This will create opportunities to be involved in more deals.

4. Set your construction budgets early, do everything in your power to stick with your budgets.

5. There are always unforeseens give your budget a line item for cost-overruns.

6. Have your Contractor visit the property with you BEFORE you close. This will remove some of the unknowns.

7. We are all motivated, both positively and negatively. If you find your positive motivation, it will be easier to find the next deal.

8. You are the greatest asset you possess. Invest in your education. Every time I attend a RE workshop I come away with a new technique.

9. Join your local Real Estate Investor Association; this is a great resource for rehab lenders.

10. Don’t be afraid to partner on a deal, partners can leverage each others strengths to create a win-win situation.

During my research for the show, I discovered that both David and his wife Melina share a heart to give back to the greater real estate community and they wish to share their success with others. I believe the cycle of living, learning, succeeding and giving back is the essence of significance. The response to our shoe was wonderful resulting in great questions on air from our listeners and calls from Realtor partners and several investor clients of mine who regularly listen to the program. The subject of fix and flips is a popular one on our show and the opportunity to learn from an expert was tremendous.

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